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The 5 Minute Madness Tournament

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There are 16 players signed up, ranked 1-16 based on C2 rating points.

The tournament will be one round of Round Robin games in groups of eight, followed by an 8-player single-elimination playoff.

.R1 ... { .... Playoffs .... }
16 --> 8 --> 4 --> 2 --> 1

Each match is a two-game set, with, of course, 5 minute timers.

Round 1

For Round 1 there are two groups of eight:

Players were ranked by their C2 points on Feb 27, and then assigned to the two groups in pairs.

A: 1 ...
B: 2 ...

The remaining players were assigned to these groups in pairs, randomly.
The Pentolla random function was used for each pair, (3,4) (5,6), (7,8), (9,10), (11,12) (13,14), and (15,16).

The results were:

Roll: E  E  E  O   E   E   O (E = even, O = odd)
A: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13, 16
B: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9,  12, 14, 15

From each of these Round 1 groups, the top 4 players advance to the playoffs, which is a single-elimination, 3-stage bracket.

The quarter finals will be:

Time Schedule:

Round 1: 2 weeks ... to finish by March 15 (7 matches).

Round 2: deadline March 31

These weeks will pass quickly, so it is best to play games as soon as you find an available opponent.


In highly limited time games, disconnections pose a problem, since clocks are reset to the beginning of the interrupted turn.

Players will be on the honor system in this regard, and must not use this limitation of the site to gain extra time!!


Each game is worth 1000 points.
Winner gets 1000 + margin of victory in the game.
Loser gets 0 - margin of loss in the game.
Tie game: 500 points each.

Final ranking is by points earned.

A tied match in the playoff rounds is played again.